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The Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb is a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb, whose principal activity is higher education teaching, scientific and research and professional work in the area of social sciences in the field of kinesiology. The vision of the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb is that of a higher education institution with a clear research profile characterized by internationally recognized excellence of its research, which through teaching based on research, educates future leaders in the development of the science and profession of kinesiology.

In the development of scientific and research activities, an important role is played by four components of research capacity: physical capacity (space and equipment), financial capacity (financial instruments), the normative framework and administrative capacity. In terms of this strategic value, the focus of the strategy is directed towards the abovementioned components. Accordingly, the following immediate goals, tasks and indicators of success have been defined (as detailed in the document the Development Strategy for Science at the Faculty of Kinesiology, 2010-2016).


The main strategic goals are:

  • establishing a successful, high-quality and internationally competitive doctoral study of kinesiology and creating an institutional framework for the development of postdoctoral education at the institution
  • improving researcher mobility at the institution during and after the doctoral study and systematically promoting postdoctoral education and researcher independence
  • launching new domestic and international scientific projects and setting up collaborative research networks both in Croatia and beyond
  • popularizing science and research careers at the institution
  • organizing the funding of scientific activities at the Faculty based on the strategic plan and measurable indicators of efficiency and increasing research activities at the institution by means of increasing research financing through non-budgetary funds
  • providing a normative framework for implementing the Development Strategy for Science
  • increasing and optimizing spatial and material capacities for performing scientific research

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