Departments are basic organizational units at our Faculty which determine and perform scientific, teaching and professional activities. The activities of each individual department include several related scientific and teaching disciplines at the Faculty of Kinesiology. The internal organization of our Faculty consists out of three departments, each of which consists out of smaller organizational units, i.e. chairs.


Department of Kinesiological Anthropology and Methodology
Chair of Medicine of Sports and Exercise
Chair of Kinesiological Psychology, Sociology and Methodology
Department of Kinesiology of Sports
Chair of Monostructural Sports Branches
Chair of Complex Sports Branches (sport games)
Chair of Polystructural Sports Branches (combat sports)
Chair of Conventional Sports Branches
Chair of Basic Kinesiological Transformations
Chair of Water Sports
Chair of Athletics
Department of General and Applied Kinesiology
Chair of General and Applied Kinesiology
Chair of Kinesiological Didactics and of Theory of Training
Chair of Kinesiological Recreation and of Kinesitherapy

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