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Project title: Croatian Longitudinal Study Of Physical  Activity In Adolescents

Project code:  9926

Leaderprof. dr. sc. Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković

Institution: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology

Duration01.12.2016 - 30.11.2020

Croatian longitudinal study of physical activity in adolescents (CRO-PALS)

Croatian longitudinal study of physical activity in adolescents (CRO-PALS) is an on-going study designed to examine changes in lifestyle among adolescents aged between 15.-18.

This project is led by the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, (Croatia), but also includes scientists from the Faculty of Food Techology in Zagreb. The study is supported by the Croatian Foundation of Science (grant number:), 

The study will track life habits of approximately 900 students from 14 different high-schools in the city of Zagreb during 4 years of their high-school education. It has started in spring 2014, when students were in the 1st grade of high-school and has been repeated yearly since. The final wave of measurment is planned in spring 2017, when most of the participants will be at the final year of high-school.

Although the focus on the study is on physical activity, sedentary behaviours, dietary habits, sleep, self-perceived health, mental health, weight status and arterial blod pressure are also being examined.