University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology


The Library of the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb is a higher education library with purpose of providing conditions for the realization of professional, scientific-research, teaching and educational activities in the field of social sciences, scientific field of kinesiology and other related fields.

The activities of the library include, among other things, the acquisition, processing, storage and protection of library material and the provision of information services to its users.

So in the library you can:

-Find instructions for citing literature

-Get help searching information sources: databases, catalogs and repositories

-Use library materials and all available information sources

The library reading room is intended for the use of library materials, learning, development of written works and the use of computers. Library materials, including graduate, master's and doctoral theses, are stored in Zaki library system and can be searched through the electronic catalog.

WORKING HOURS: 8:00-16.00



Here you can access many educational online courses in English in various fields of activity.


Human anatomy - the course in the field of anatomy in which you can explore the structure of the human body through practical examples and simulation of disease..

Nutrition and healt part 1part 2part 3- courses on nutrition and the connection between proper nutrition and the human body and health as a whole.

Introduction to health and wellness where you can explore the current trends and concepts in health, exercise and wellness and how they affect the total human condition.