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14th International Scientific Conference of Sport Kinetics 2018 entitled “Movement in Human Life and Health” was held from 24th to 27th June 2018 and it was organized by the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia together with the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad, Serbia and under the scientific patronage of IASK (International Association of Sport Kinetics) and in partnership with the Faculty of Education, University J.J. Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatia, FIEP Europe and Croatian Kinesiology Association.

The Conference took place in Poreč (Zelena Laguna)/Croatia in hotel Laguna Parentium. The conference programme included podium and poster presentations and lectures by the participants from all over the world who discussed the latest information about the importance of movement in human life and health. Invite lectures were: James S. Skinner (United States of America), Wiesław  Osiński (Poland), Włodzimierz Starosta (Poland), Damir Knjaz (Croatia), Han C.G. Kemper (The Netherlands), Saad Al Fazazi (Spain), Lana Ružić (Croatia).

Topic of the conference is even more important, especially today when the modern way of living (inactivity) is threatening with epidemic of various chronic diseases.

The Croatian Medical Chamber recognized importance of this Conference and rewarded the participants, especially medical doctors, with the highest ever number of points for active and passive participation.

Efforts in organizing this conference were made by two faculties from different countries: Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb (Croatia) and Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Novi Sad (Serbia). Many respected experts visited this conference. The Proceedings Book contains 117 contributions, which were submitted by the submission deadline, written by 291 authors from 23 countries from five continents. The three best oral and poster presentations of young scientists (under 35 years of age) were awarded with the special IASK President Cup and N.A. Bernstein Medals. Their papers and abstracts are available in Proceedings book in both print and electronic pdf version. You can find it here.

Photos from the Conference can be found here. 

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